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Nine brilliant beetroot ideas

There’s so much more to this vibrant veg than just chopping it up for salads. From grating it into vegetarian burger patties to baking it into brownies, here are nine brilliant beetroot ideas you need to know.

  1. Blitz it

    Next time you’re making a batch of houmous, try adding roasted beetroot into the mixer with the chickpeas. The natural earthy flavour works so well with tahini and lends a vibrant pink colour to the dip.

  2. Slice it

    For the ultimate garnish, you can’t beat thinly sliced or mandolined raw beetroot. Try adding slices to cooked vegetable tarts or tossing into salads. Or try making beetroot carpaccio, dressed in a mustard vinaigrette and showered in roasted hazelnuts.

    Slice it
  3. Bake it

    Not just for savoury dishes, the sweet note of beetroot works wonderfully in chocolatey bakes, like gooey brownies and decadent, buttercream smothered chocolate cakes.

    Bake it
  4. Spiralize it

    Forget courgetti, we are all about ‘beetroodles’ – aka spiralized beetroot noodles. They are sensational in salads or wilted in a little oil and tossed with goat’s cheese, chilli and walnuts for a simple starter.

  5. Drink it

    Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, beetroots are perfect for packing into nutritionally dense smoothies and juices. Try this simple juice recipe to get you started, blending beetroot with carrots, ginger and apple.

    Drink it
  6. Chill it

    Popular in the Ukraine, borscht, or chilled beetroot soup, is a wonderful way to eat light and stay refreshed on a hot day. Here’s an easy recipe with a garnish of chopped radishes and cucumber for crunch.

    Chill it
  7. Grate it

    Grated beetroot adds a satisfying crunch and flash of fuschia to slaws and salads. It’s also an ideal base for making vegetarian burger patties. The soft texture of cooked beetroot holds its shape and absorbs plenty of punchy flavours.

    Grate it
  8. Pickle it

    Leftover beetroot? No problem, just pickle it. Put your leftover roasted beetroots into a pickling vinegar, cooked down with a little sugar, salt and spices, and leave until the flavours develop. Perfect sliced onto burgers or served with oily fish, such as salmon.

  9. Griddle it

    For a sensational smoky finish, char your cooked beetroot on a hot griddle pan. Simply toss in a little olive oil and season, before searing. The scored beets work beautifully in a crunchy salad. 

    Griddle it