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Store cupboard cocktails: Start a party from your pantry

Whizz up these simple cocktails in no time, with your store cupboard staples being the star of the show. Everything from tinned pineapple chunks to strawberry jam can be brought to the next level and be used as a resourceful cocktail ingredient. Give these a go and be blown away by how good they taste.

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  1. Strawberry jam daiquiri

    This super strawberry jam daiquiri cocktail proves that strawberry jam has uses beyond going on your morning toast! Replacing strawberry syrup with jam and homemade sugar syrup gives a rustic take on this classic cocktail. Ready in just 5 minutes, this is the perfect impromptu cocktail for a hot summer's day.

    Strawberry jam daiquiri
  2. Tinned piña colada

    Creamy and fruity, one sip of this simple cocktail will make you feel like you are relaxing on the shores of a Caribbean island. If you have tinned pineapple chunks that have been at the back of your store cupboard, now is the time to use them in this boozy delight.

    Tinned piña colada
  3. Marmalade whisky sour

    The classy whisky sour gets the homemade treatment with this sweet and refreshing marmalade whisky sour. What's better is if you fancy making it vegan you can do – swap out egg whites for aquafaba (the liquid from tinned chickpeas) and get everyone involved at your next summer cocktail party.

    Marmalade whisky sour