1. Make the sugar syrup

    Put 200g caster sugar in a medium pan. Add 100ml water and stir over a medium heat for about 5 mins or until the sugar has just dissolved. Set aside to cool.

  2. Flavour the syrup

    Add 200ml London dry gin and 500ml tonic water to the cooled syrup. Finely grate in the zest of 1 lemon and 1 lime, then squeeze both and add the juice to the pan. Stir to combine, then transfer to a large, shallow freezer-proof container.

  3. First freeze

    Transfer the container to the freezer, uncovered, and leave for 1-2 hrs until the liquid just starts to freeze around the edges and the middle starts to turn slightly slushy. Take the container out of the freezer and gently break the mixture up with a fork.

  4. Repeat freezing

    Return the container to the freezer, uncovered, for another 1-2 hrs, then remove and again break up the ice crystals with a fork. Repeat once more. The mixture will be slightly firmer each time, especially around the edges, so make sure the fork scrapes right up the sides of the container and all the way through the mixture for an even texture.

  5. Final freeze

    Return the granita to the freezer for a final 1-2 hrs. The granita can be served now, or covered with a lid (or double layer of clingfilm) and kept in the freezer for a few weeks, although the texture will become slightly firmer and icier.

  6. Serve

    When ready to serve, give the granita one last fork through to break up any large clumps. Scoop into serving dishes or glasses and decorate with some extra lemon or lime zest and fresh thyme sprigs or mint leaves, if you like.

    GranitaFinal 051Calories 173 (9%), sugar 28.6g (32%), fat 0g (0%), saturates 0g (0%), salt 0.003g (0%), based on 8 servings

  7. Tips

    Try using golden caster sugar for a hint of caramel sweetness and warmer colour, or swap the lemon and lime for pink grapefruit for a fruity twist.

    A shallow rectangular plastic lidded container is perfect for freezing the granita, but you can use any freezer-proof dish, such as a baking dish or tray and cover with clingfilm as needed. A shallow dish will help the granita freeze quicker, too.

    In order to enjoy optimum flavour and quality, frozen items are best used within 3 months of their freezing date. For more tips on freezing and defrosting food, read our article Love Your Freezer.

  8. Ingredients

    We’ve made a handy shopping list so you can get everything you need to make this pretty gin and tonic granita. Don’t forget to screenshot before you go shopping!

    200g caster sugar
    200ml London dry gin
    500ml tonic water
    1 lime
    1 lemon
    extra lemon or lime zest, to serve (optional)
    fresh mint or thyme sprigs, to serve (optional)