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What it means to me: Mother’s Day

On Mothering Sunday, millions of people will be celebrating the mums in their life. We asked different foodies what they will be making to mark the occasion.

Chef Robbie Lorraine, founder of Brixton restaurant Only Food and Courses, shares his comforting spiced lamb hotpot that reminds him of being at his mum’s and the smell of lamb running through the house on a Sunday afternoon. Find the recipe here.

Food blogger, Rachel Boyett, creates vegan and vegetarian weaning recipes on her blog Little Veggie Eats. Growing up Rachel loved baking cakes with her mum and has created an Earl Grey and orange cake recipe – the flavours remind her of doing breakfast in bed for her mum on Mother’s Day.

John Gregory-Smith is a chef, presenter and author who specialises in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. He has fond memories of his mother teaching him to cook and big family meals around the dining table. He shares his recipe for Turkish-style eggs, which is a scrambled egg dish called menemen, with pepper, onions and tomatoes, served with a sprinkling of feta.

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