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3 ways with Jaffa cakes

Is a Jaffa cake a cake or is it a biscuit? It’s a classic debate, but whatever your opinion, we’ve got three brand new recipes to make the most of these chocolate orange treats. Whether you bake them, freeze them or use them as decoration, put your box of Jaffa cakes to delicious new uses.

  1. The easy bake

    Get the kids involved in some fun baking with these simple Jaffa cake butterfly cakes. We’ve used the classic Jaffa cake flavours in this easy bake – fluffy chocolate orange cupcakes are topped with swirls of buttercream and a hidden dollop of tangy orange marmalade, all topped off with a perfect Jaffa itself.

    The easy bake
  2. The winter warmer

    Bread-and-butter pudding is a comforting winter classic – we’ve made it even more indulgent with these mini Jaffa cake bread-and-butter puddings. Swap out half the usual bread for diced Jaffas, ready to melt and soften in the oven for irresistible chocolate orange puds.

    The winter warmer
  3. The nostalgic dessert

    Love an old school Viennetta? We’ve taken the basics of this classic dessert and turned it into an impressive Jaffa cake ice cream loaf. Mix vanilla ice cream with orange zest and chocolate chips, then layer up with a patchwork of Jaffa cakes and freeze – an easy make ahead pud. Serve up generous slices with a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce for a dessert that takes you back.

    The nostalgic dessert