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5 veggie recipes for a summer feast

Impress friends and family with these sizzling alfresco dining ideas. Some are cooked on the barbecue but if it rains, all of them can be cooked inside. They can be enjoyed as part of a spread or on their own. Each recipe is jam-packed with colourful veggies and finished off with salad cheese, which adds a lovely, tangy creaminess.

  1. Sweet ’n’ smoky jackets with corn salsa

    Buttery soft sweet potatoes are stuffed with a sizzling salsa of smoky charred corn, onions, coriander and lime zest, and topped with tangy salad cheese. Serve with a squeeze of lime for a flavour sensation!

    Sweet ’n’ smoky jackets with corn salsa
  2. Baba ganoush aubergines with tahini yogurt and pomegranate

    These barbecued aubergine slices have a lovely smoky flavour that’s similar to baba ganoush. They sit atop a bed of tahini-spiked yogurt and the whole dish is finished with a scattering of pomegranate seeds, crumbled salad cheese and mint leaves. It looks really stand-out for something that's so easy to rustle up!

    Baba ganoush aubergines with tahini yogurt and pomegranate
  3. Easy cheesy veggie parcels

    The clue is in the name with these cheesy parcels, they're super simple to throw together, which leaves more time for fun in the sun! Asparagus, courgettes and a whole block of salad cheese get bundled up in a foil parcel and barbecued. To serve, top with fresh chilli, mint and lemon wedges. Dig in!

    Easy cheesy veggie parcels
  4. Sunny Spanish pepper wraps

    Pointed peppers become lovely and sweet when you char them on the barbecue. By putting them in a bowl covered with a plate, it creates a steam that allows you to easily peel off their blackened skins. Slice into chunky strips and wrap in a warmed-through tortilla with houmous, rocket, crumbled salad cheese and a sprinkling of smoky paprika in this delicious recipe.

    Sunny Spanish pepper wraps
  5. Rainbow orzo pasta salad

    This fabulous side dish can be prepared in advance – great if you’re hosting. It’s packed with lots of different veggies, some raw and some cooked, as well as olives, reduced-fat salad cheese, red onion and lots of herbs stirred through. Delicious!

    Rainbow orzo pasta salad