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Amazing ways to use green pesto

Get the most out of this handy little jar with these fresh ideas for green pesto. Packed with punchy basil, this zingy herb sauce is perfect for adding a hit of flavour to your everyday dishes without spending a fortune, whether that's a hearty breakfast or your favourite family dinners.

  1. Brinner winner: Pesto eggs Florentine

    Top poached eggs and spinach muffins with a generous dollop of pesto for an easy boost to this classic dish of eggs Florentine which is great both at breakfast and dinner (or 'brinner!).

    Brinner winner: Pesto eggs Florentine
  2. Easy family dinner: Salmon and pesto pasta bake

    This cheesy pasta bake is just the sort of easy comfort food that you can rustle up for a family midweek dinner. There are just six ingredients (including budget-friendly tinned salmon to make things even simpler) and everything is mixed and baked in one dish for a no-faff meal. Everyone will love the oozy mozzarella topping and punchy flavour from the pesto mixed throughout.

    Easy family dinner: Salmon and pesto pasta bake
  3. Pub classic: Pesto club sandwiches

    As if a club sandwich isn't good enough on its own, this stacked version has a creamy pesto soft cheese mix alongside the tender chicken, crisp bacon, juicy tomatoes and fresh lettuce. Pile it all as high as you can between three layers of toast, then stick a skewer through the middle to help you hold this giant sarnie together.

    Pub classic: Pesto club sandwiches
  4. More ideas...

    There's plenty more you can rustle up with pesto for tasty dishes to suit any occasion. Liven up a classic chicken soup with a swirl of pesto to make an aromatic bowl of green broth, or use as a flavour-packed topping for a stacked veggie burger instead of ketchup or mayo. For a super-quick snack that looks a lot fancier than it is, swirl with creamy cheese for an instant pesto and feta dip to share with family and friends. You can use the jarred pesto instead of fresh versions in all these recipes, simply loosen with a drizzle olive oil if it seems a little too thick.

    More ideas...