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Amazing ways to use oats

Most people have a box of oats in their storecupboard, but what they do with them is often the same. We’ve come up with five fabulous oaty ideas that go beyond breakfast and help you see oats in a new light.

  1. Black Forest porridge

    Turn a bag of frozen berries into a delicious coulis to swirl through your morning porridge and top with a light shaving of dark chocolate for a retro taste sensation in the morning. Everyone will love this Black Forest porridge recipe.

    Black Forest porridge
  2. Oat and banana smoothie

    This hearty smoothie recipe is a winning flavour combination of frozen bananas, oats, peanut butter and milk.

    Oat and banana smoothie
  3. Oaty soda bread

    Soda bread is one of the quickest and easiest breads to master. Have a go at this oaty number – you blitz oats to make a rough flour and the dough is topped with whole oats too. It’s delicious dunked in soup or eaten with a mature Cheddar.

    Oaty soda bread
  4. Millionaire's banana flapjacks

    Pop the kettle on for this special bake. The classic teatime treat gets a makeover with a chewy flapjack base made with banana, a sweet caramel layer and gorgeous marble chocolate topping. They won’t last long, trust us!

    Millionaire's banana flapjacks
  5. Oaty fish fingers

    Everyone will enjoy this spin on fish fingers – flavoured with lemon and sesame seeds and coated in breadcrumbs and oats, they’re a real crowd-pleaser. Serve with peas for a fab family dinner.

    Oaty fish fingers