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Cooking activities for the kids - 5 video recipes to try at home

Looking for cooking activities for kids this summer? Our helpful recipe videos are a great way to get the kids in the kitchen and teach them how to make their favourite recipes, from tasty banana pancakes to colourful veggie pizzas. Check out our official Kids Cook certificate to print out once you’ve completed a recipe.

  1. Apple crumble for kids

    You can’t beat a classic apple crumble. In this video, kids will learn how to make a crispy crumble topping and peel apples to make a deliciously simple pudding.

  2. Rainbow veg pizza for kids

    It’s no secret – kids love pizza! They’ll love helping to make a homemade pizza dough and choosing their toppings. With lots of child-friendly tips and tricks, making pizza with the kids has never been easier.

  3. All-in-one tuna pasta bake for kids

    A tuna pasta bake is one of the best things to make with kids. This child-friendly dinner is packed full of veg. Kids will learn how to make a homemade tomato sauce with lots of tips on how to make a perfect pasta bake.

  4. Banana pancakes for kids

    You can’t get a breakfast more fun than banana pancakes. In this recipe video, kids will learn how to make pancake batter with mashed bananas in it. They’ll love topping them with syrup and fruit.

  5. Scrambled eggs for kids

    Once kids have learnt how to make these scrambled eggs, they can serve you breakfast in bed every Sunday! In this cooking video, kids will learn how make perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs every time.

  6. Cooking certificate for kids

    Made the recipe? Download your official Kids Cook certificate to print out once they’ve completed a recipe.

    Find the certificate here.

    Cooking certificate for kids