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Eight camping food ideas you can’t survive without

Forget tins of cold baked beans and soggy sarnies, campfire cooking can be so much more delicious. Take a look at our insanely tasty camping food ideas and make sure you survive the great outdoors in style.

  1. Make ahead

    Get ready for an amazing adventure filled with tasty snacks to fuel the fun! Bake batches of snacks bars and biscuits, then pack them into airtight containers and you'll have nourishing nibbles for the whole weekend.

    Make ahead
  2. Early risers

    Start the day with a simple one-pan brekkie, made with plenty of fresh veg, cherry tomatoes and perfectly runny eggs, all cooked together. It’s guaranteed to set happy campers up for a busy day of exploring.

    Early risers
  3. Keep cosy

    Nestle a saucepan over a glowing campfire and brew a batch of creamy hot chocolate. Made with chocolate spread and topped with cream, this indulgent delight is sure to warm you through.

    Keep cosy
  4. Al fresco baking

    Bake fresh breadsticks over the campfire by wrapping dough round craftily made skewers. Warm, soft bread is perfect for spreading with jam or dunking into dips for a satisfying snack.

  5. Comforting jackets

    All that fresh air will make you hanker for a hearty meal and these campfire jacket potatoes, loaded with masses of Gruyère cheese, crème fraîche and oak-smoked ham, are just the ticket. Wrap in foil, pop into the hot ashes and cook slowly while you play a game of cards.

    Comforting jackets
  6. Brilliant burritos

    A no-plate-needed supper is ideal for devouring round the fire. Like these burritos filled with chunky chilli, crisp lettuce, fiery salsa and creamy guacamole – fill your tortilla, roll and enjoy!

    Brilliant burritos
  7. Get grilling

    Take your campfire cooking up a notch and build a super simple barbecue pit, perfect for grilling burgers and bangers. Follow our nifty guide below.

    Get grilling
  8. Next-level marshmallows

    Does it really get any better than molten chocolate and oozing, toasted marshmallows sandwiched between biscuits? Nope, didn’t think so. Delight your fellow campers by wrapping these delicious ingredients in foil and whack into the embers until gorgeously gooey. They’re sure to be asking for s’more!

    Next-level marshmallows