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Eight ways to embrace frozen food

During busy weeks it can be tricky to find the time to cook family dinners from scratch, but here’s where frozen food can help. By making sure your freezer is filled with prepped ingredients, you can kick off your cooking in a flash, easily up the amount of veg in your meals, and maximise flavour in no time. Take a look at our top tips for embracing frozen food, saving you time and making your dinners all the more delicious.

  1. Kick-start your meals

    Many classic family dinners start with a base of diced onion and chopped garlic, whether you’re planning a rich spaghetti Bolognese or creamy chicken curry. While they bring delicious sweetness and fragrance, both onion and garlic do take a little time to prepare. So why not save time, and tears, by stashing Tesco Frozen Diced Onion and Tesco Frozen Chopped Garlic in your freezer? They’re ready to go straight from frozen and bring freshness and flavour to the base of your meals.

  2. Boost the veg

    We’re all keen to pack plenty of veg into our meals, and prepped frozen veg is a really easy and budget-friendly way of making it to 5-a-day (and beyond!). Use frozen cauliflower to make this seriously comforting cauliflower cheese soup, add frozen broccoli florets to this hearty chicken and orzo one-pot, or cook Tesco Frozen Sliced Mushrooms and bake into these cheesy pastry bites.

    Boost the veg
  3. Maximise flavour

    Minimise faff and maximise flavour with Tesco Frozen Chopped Ginger and Tesco Frozen Diced Chilli. Ginger instantly adds a zesty hit to stir-fries and soups, and is ideal for livening up morning smoothies, while chillies bring warming heat to curries, pasta dishes, marinades and more.

  4. Go green

    Bring beautiful green goodness to your meals with frozen spinach. Frozen in individual portions, it’s great for popping into many meals. Cook with butter and garlic, and serve with scrambled eggs, pair with feta cheese and sandwich in flatbreads, or blitz into a homemade pesto. Why not go one step further and blend into a smoothie alongside creamy, vibrant frozen avocado?

    Go green
  5. Add colour and crunch

    Avoid wasting leftover ingredients and instead store Frozen Sliced Mixed Peppers in your freezer – you can take out exactly the amount needed for each meal you’re making, saving the rest for another time. Perfect for cooking into casseroles and chillies, and adding to pizzas and fajitas.

  6. Make it heartier

    Butternut squash can be tricky to peel, core and slice, but with Tesco Frozen Butternut Squash Chunks the hard work is done for you. Great for bringing earthy sweetness to dishes and ideal for making meals a little heartier. Try frozen squash in this easy veggie sausage traybake, where it’s simply added to a baking tray alongside apple slices, rosemary and garlic, and roasted straight from frozen.

    Make it heartier
  7. Celebrate herbs

    Inject flavour into your meals in a flash with prepared herbs – they’re frozen at their best so you still get the fresh flavour and fragrance you’re after, without any chopping required. Cut back on prep time and food waste by making sure your freezer is stocked with your favourite frozen herbs – from Tesco Frozen Chopped Coriander and Tesco Frozen Chopped Thyme to Tesco Frozen Chopped Rosemary and Tesco Frozen Chopped Basil.

  8. Get fruity

    It’s not just about savoury ingredients – load-up your freezer with frozen fruit too. Not only is it great for blitzing into juices and smoothies, like this seriously fruity breakfast parfait, but it’s also delicious as a dessert, served simply with a creamy white chocolate sauce.

    Get fruity