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Five ways to use up leftover cabbage

Cabbage often gets a bad rep – but largely because of cooking methods, like over-boiling, that don't bring out its best. In fact, this great-value brassica is tasty and versatile. Although it keeps for quite a while, most wastage is down to it not being used in time – adding to a total cost of £65m worth of cabbages thrown away every year. Read on for our tips to enjoy them longer.

  1. Store them right

    Keep cabbage in the fridge in its packaging to stop it drying out. Loose-leaved varieties (such as Savoy) will last for up to 2 weeks, while more tightly-packed red and white cabbages should keep for about a month. If you've got a lot of the former to use up, this delicious recipe for sautéed Savoy cabbage with orange dressing is an excellent lunch or side.

    Store them right
  2. Make them go further

    Limp cabbage leaves can be revived by placing in a bowl of iced water for a few mins. Once your cabbage has been brought back to life, why not try out this recipe for seared cabbage with lemon and hazelnuts. Cabbage can also be frozen: slice, blanch for 1-2 mins, then transfer to iced water to cool quickly. Pat dry, then freeze. 

    Make them go further
  3. Mash them

    Mashing your cabbage is another great way to use up a heap of the brassica in dishes like this creamy mushrooms and chicken with colcannon mash. It doesn't hurt that making a hearty colcannon mash really couldn't be simpler. Boil floury potatoes, adding cabbage leaves for the last 2 mins; drain. Finely slice the cabbage and some spring onions. Mash the potatoes with butter and a splash of milk; season and stir in the cabbage and spring onion. 

    Mash them
  4. Shred them

    Combine thinly shredded cabbage and carrot with chopped fresh coriander, peanuts and chilli for an instant side. Squeeze over lots of lime, plus a drizzle of sesame oil, maple syrup and fish sauce, if you like. Or pair with salmon and cucumber in this cabbage, salmon and cucumber satay crunch salad.

    Shred them
  5. Pickle them

    Pickling your cabbage is another great way to elongate its life span and add a crunchy, acid to bite to everything from fresh salads to chicken wraps.

    Pickle them