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Six ways to use up leftover onions

How many meals start with an onion? They’re an essential ingredient for giving depth of flavour, but if you’ve bought too many at once we’ve got all the ideas you need for using up spares. From a classic onion soup or gravy, to crispy bhajis and tangy onion marmalade, make the most of this versatile veg.

  1. French onion soup

    Low and slow is the key to a brilliant French onion soup. Slowly caramelising the onions over a very low heat for as long as possible develops their sweet sticky flavour for a deeply rich winter warmer. Traditionally topped with melting cheesy toasts, this is the ultimate French comfort food.

    French onion soup
  2. Onion gravy

    Give your roast dinners a boost by mastering a classic onion gravy recipe. This red onion version adds a spoonful of sweet redcurrant jelly and is great spooned over sausages. Once you’ve mastered the classic, try this earthy porcini gravy for something special.

    Onion gravy
  3. Bhajis

    Are onion bhajis a staple of your Indian takeaway order? Learn to make them at home for the crispiest fritters every time. This squash, carrot and onion bhaji recipe sneaks in extra veg alongside red onions and is packed with spices – serve with mango chutney for dipping.

  4. Star of the show

    Onions are always the base to soups, sauces and casseroles, but if you’ve got plenty to use up, try making them the star ingredient. Baked onions with cream, garlic and anchovies make an indulgent side to your Sunday roast in winter; when summer comes round, try adding BBQ onion steaks to your next weekend barbie.

    Star of the show
  5. Caramelised

    Deeply caramelised, golden sticky onions are a simple kitchen skill to master to transform a simple dish. Cook a big batch of caramelised red onions and freeze to have on hand anytime – try in classic pasties and using to top hot dogs.

  6. Chutneys and relishes

    Save your onions for later by preserving them in savoury relishes, jams and marmalades. Perfect for serving alongside cold cuts of meat or with a cheeseboard, these handy jars also make great gifts. Choose from a pretty rhubarb and red onion relish, maple and smoked bacon jam or festive red onion, port and cranberry marmalade.

    Chutneys and relishes