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Jubilee-inspired puddings

Get these show-stopping desserts out for the big Jubilee celebrations to round off your street party platter. Taking classic British desserts and giving them a modern makeover, these guarantee a 'jelly' good show.

  1. Jubilee lemonade jelly

    If you're making a dessert well-ahead of schedule, this Jubilee lemonade jelly is the one for you. Sweet layers of lemonade and custard make this an impressive jelly that tastes just as good as it looks. This keeps in the fridge for up to three days, so you can keep the celebrations going.

    Jubilee lemonade jelly
  2. Chocolate biscuit crown cake

    This chocolate biscuit crown cake is one that's fit for a Queen, and truly deserving of a Jubilee celebration! Decadently decorated with gold-coated white chocolate points, and with rich tea biscuits throughout, this is a quintessentially British dessert worth making.

    Chocolate biscuit crown cake
  3. Cherry Bakewell Swiss roll

    Two firm favourites for British after-dinner dessert come together in this cherry Bakewell Swiss roll. Ground almonds throughout the sponge gives a nutty taste to complement the sweet, tart cherry sauce and vanilla cream filling. Slice it up and enjoy at your Jubilee street party.

    Cherry Bakewell Swiss roll