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Seven things you didn’t know you could do with kale

Kale is ‘the’ buzzword when it comes to nutritious food, but it’s far more than just a salad ingredient. Here are seven exciting ways to get a little bit more creative with the nutrient-packed green veg.

  1. Cocktails

    Add a twist to a regular Bloody Mary by adding kale alongside a shot of vodka and tomato juice. It’s not the only cocktail you can give a green touch – a dash of kale juice and ginger offer a new take on a classic daiquiri. Have you ever seen such a virtuous drink?

  2. Chips

    Give it a bit of a crispy crunch by emptying a bag of kale onto a baking tray with a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of oil, before popping into the oven. It’s a brilliant savoury snack that will stop you reaching for your regular crisps. Why not try our kale and beetroot chips?

  3. Pesto

    Perfect your pasta by adding this secret ingredient into your pesto.  Just whizz up parmesan, pine nuts, basil, olive oil and a handful of kale. Try making a bowl of this tasty Wholewheat spaghetti topped with a soft poached egg, it’s the perfect way to enjoy your new discovery.

  4. Pizza

    If pineapple isn’t considered strange, then kale certainly shouldn’t be.  It crisps up nicely in the oven and adds texture to your favourite pizzas. It also tastes amazing on these Mini kale, gouda and chilli pizzas.

  5. Bread

    If you like experimenting with different types of breads then you’ll find kale works wonders in a savoury loaf, simply whizz it up in a blender until fine and fold into your bread mix. It pairs well with cheeses such as feta and Parmesan or can be added to a black olive and tomato focaccia to inject colour and originality to your bake.  

  6. Houmous

    Move over beetroot houmous, the latest variation of the Middle Eastern dip blends chickpeas, garlic, oil and tahini with a generous handful of kale. Scoop up with some crunchy carrot sticks for a healthy snack. 

  7. Freeze

    Pop your leftover kale into the freezer before it starts to wilt. It keeps for several weeks and you can use it - without needing to worry about defrosting it - in smoothies or stews, whenever the mood takes you.