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Seven tips for serving a gluten-free Christmas dinner

This Christmas, it’s easy to offer your guests a gluten-free festive menu packed with delicious dishes. Take a look at our top tips and gluten-free recipes to help you put together a hearty Christmas dinner that all of your guests will enjoy.

  1. Go for wheat-free canapés

    Swap bread and pastry canapés for ones that are vegetable or fruit based. Serve houmous in chicory lettuce cups, stuff sweet Pepperdew peppers with cream cheese or top mushrooms with chopped nuts. If you fancy something refreshing and fruity, try this watermelon with spiced feta and basil recipe.

    Go for wheat-free canapés
  2. Swap sausages for figs

    While many sausages are gluten-free (including our Tesco Finest pigs in blankets) it’s worth checking packaging just in case. For a sweet, salty and buttery alternative to pigs in blankets, swap sausages for prunes or figs. Either enjoy with your roast as a festive side dish or add cocktail sticks for a tasty canapé. For a complete change, try these fun halloumi pigs in blankets – perfect for cheese lovers!

    Swap sausages for figs
  3. Use rice in stuffing

    It’s really easy to make a gluten-free and veggie stuffing that doesn’t compromise on texture or flavour. Either follow your usual recipe, replacing normal breadcrumbs with homemade or shop-bought gluten-free ones, or try a stuffing with rice and dried fruits. This gluten-free stuffing, is made with wild rice, cherries, apricots and fresh herbs.

    Use rice in stuffing
  4. Add cornflour to your gravy

    Making a rich, juicy, homemade, gluten-free gravy is simple. Use the delicious juices from your roasted meat, then add gluten-free chicken stock, wine, herbs and cornflour (which is naturally gluten-free) to thicken. This decadent gravy, fortified with Marsala, is the perfect turkey accompaniment.

    Add cornflour to your gravy
  5. Enjoy gluten-free puds

    You can use gluten-free plain flour to make a delicious Christmas pudding, although why not try an equally indulgent festive dessert such as this flourless coffee and chocolate cake? This magnificent pud is topped with a velvety Baileys cream and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

    Enjoy gluten-free puds
  6. Make your own mince pie pastry

    Bake a batch of gluten-free mince pies with homemade pastry for guaranteed fresh, tasty results. If using this gluten-free pastry recipe, freeze some for a different recipe or to make another batch of pies later on. Try these divine gluten-free mince pies or a festive fruit tart, such as this clementine and chestnut tart.

    Make your own mince pie pastry
  7. Provide crudités and nuts for snacking

    Go for snacks that are naturally gluten-free, such as crudités, olives, and nuts. Crisps and boxes of chocolates may contain traces, so make sure to buy specific coeliac-friendly products, or have a go at making your own. We love these roasted chickpeas, or why not try making your own vegetable crisps by baking slices of beetroot and sweet potato.

    Provide crudités and nuts for snacking