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Seven ways to liven up dry January

After a season marked by over-indulgence, a month off the booze in January can feel like just what's needed. There's no need to feel like you're missing out though with these delicious alternatives to alcohol for dry January.

  1. Wonderful water

    Water may seem like a boring choice after all those party cocktails, but it's the perfect place to start for January hydration. Add your favourite fruits and herbs to your glass or water bottle for added flavour without the need for sugar or sweeteners; we love juicy berries, zingy citrus slices or refreshing cucumber and mint, but you can mix and match as you like.

    Wonderful water
  2. Speedy smoothies

    Smoothies make a great choice at any time of day as they're incredibly versatile and super quick to prepare. Go fresh and fruity or creamy and smooth, add yogurt, oats and nut butters for a really filling drink, or even vibrant veg or spices. To get ahead you can pre-chop everything into manageable chunks and keep in the fridge or freezer ready to add straight into your blender or food processor. Blitz until smooth and you're ready to go. Take a look at our 10 favourite smoothie and juice recipes for some inspiration.

    Speedy smoothies
  3. Must-have mocktails

    If there's still parties and celebrations to be had in January, don't worry about missing out on your favourite cocktails as you can still enjoy many of the same delicious combinations just without the booze. Try the zingy combination of lime and mint in a non-alcoholic mojito or rustle up an indulgent vodka-free salted caramel white Russian for a real treat.

    Must-have mocktails
  4. Add some sparkle

    Can't resist a bit of bubbly or a fizzing gin and tonic? Don't go without and embrace fabulously flavoured sparkling water or soda as an alternative. Infused with rosemary, this fragrant grapefruit sparkler has just the right mix of aromatic botanicals to replace your favourite tipple.

    Add some sparkle
  5. Luscious lattes

    For something uplifting and a little bit special, why not go for a twist on your classic coffee with a gingerbread latte. Not only will the warming spices of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon keep you toasty on a cold January day, but they'll also help you get over any post-Christmas blues by keeping those festive flavours going.

    Luscious lattes
  6. Seasonal spice

    Carry on the seasonal spices with something mulled, just not wine or cider! Try a hot apple and ginger ale instead for a warming drink that is great for sharing without any of the booze.

    Seasonal spice
  7. Heavenly hot choc

    For ultimate indulgence and a great big hug in a mug, you can't beat a steaming cup of cocoa for a cosy night in. Doing Veganuary? Then you need this vegan hot chocolate in your life. Made with oat milk, cinnamon, liquid chocolate and topped with vegan whipped cream, it is proper indulgence. Or for something more classic, you could plump for this rich hot chocolate and milk, or try adding a luxury twist with this salted caramel chocolate drink

    Heavenly hot choc