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How to make mini lobster rolls

Add a little luxury to your festive celebrations with these deliciously indulgent mini lobster rolls. Perfect for a Christmas party, these treats feature meaty chunks of lobster in a spicy mayo dressing sandwiched between buttery brioche buns. Learn how to prepare the lobster and make this crowd-pleasing recipe with our simple step-by-step guide (and handy ingredients list at the bottom).

  1. Prepare your lobster

    Defrost a 400g whole cooked lobster overnight in the fridge. Then twist off the claws, cover them with a tea towel and gently hit with a rolling pin. Remove the meat in large pieces and put in a bowl, discarding any shell.

    Prepare your lobster
  2. Open the shell

    Turn the lobster on its back and pull back the tail. Using a sharp knife, cut along the entire length and separate into two halves. 

    Open the shell
  3. Prepare the meat

    Remove the tail meat from each half and add to the bowl (discard the stomach sac, gills, intestinal thread and shell). Dice the meat into small pieces. 

    Prepare the meat
  4. Make the dressing

    Mix 2 tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tbsp tomato ketchup, a few drops of Tabasco and the juice of half a lemon in a small bowl with seasoning. Finely dice half a small red onion, then rinse under cool running water to remove a little of its pungency. Pat dry, then add 3 tbsp to the bowl along with 2 tbsp finely diced celery and 1 1/2 tbsp finely diced cornichons. Add the lobster meat and 1 tbsp chopped dill to the bowl, and gently mix with the dressing.

  5. Fill the rolls

    Slice five butter brioche rolls in half, and then slice each half open horizontally, avoiding cutting all the way through. Open the rolls up and spoon the lobster mixture between them. 

    Fill the rolls
  6. Serve

    Sprinkle each with a little cayenne pepper and top with a small sprig of dill. Serve with lemon wedges to squeeze over.

    Calories 126 (6%), sugar 8g (9%), fat 6.2g (9%), saturates 0.4g (2%), salt 0.54g (9%), based on 10 servings. 

  7. Ingredients

    Get ready to whip these up at home! Take a screenshot or write down the list of ingredients below to take to the supermarket. 

    Makes 10

    400g whole cooked lobster
    2 tbsp of mayonnaise
    1 tbsp of tomato ketchup
    a few drops of tabasco
    the juice of half a lemon
    half a small red onion
    2 tbsp of finely diced celery
    1 ½ tbsp finely diced cornichons
    1 tbsp of dill
    5 butter brioche rolls
    cayenne pepper
    lemon wedges