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How to use an air-fryer to save you money

Learn how you can use an air-fryer to save you money with Tesco Real Food. Plus, discover what is cheaper to cook in an air-fryer, as well as savvy hacks, tips and recipes to help cut down those energy bills.

How can I use an air-fryer to save money?

Did you know, air-fryers are more energy-efficient and economical than other methods of cooking?

Air-fryers cook food fast at a really high temperature with a fan. A typical air-fryer (1,000W) costs just 34p per hour, which is roughly the same wattage and energy consumption as a conventional oven, but it heats up quickly and you can cook meals in a fraction of the time, making it a great-value cooking method.

A great way to use your air-fryer and save money is to cook food in it that you would typically make in an oven like chips, chicken, fish and veggies. It’ll cook more quickly, saving you both time and money.

Try using your air-fryer to cook a jacket potato. Put your potato in a microwave for 10 minutes, then finish it off in the air-fryer until crisp to your liking. Make sure you use a fork to poke holes in the potato before you cook it to allow steam to escape.

Why not cook your toasties in an air-fryer to get that much needed winter comfort food on the table quickly? Simply put the sandwich in the basket and toast for a few minutes until golden and crisp.

Air-fryer 101

What is an air-fryer?

An air-fryer is basically a mini fan oven that roasts and bakes, but it also gives food a nice crispy result in little time using minimal oil, so it’s healthier.

Do I need to preheat my air-fryer?

Unlike a normal oven, air-fryers only need a couple of minutes to preheat. Most models will have a light to indicate when the unit is the correct temperature.

How do I make sure everything cooks evenly?

Don't overfill the basket. Make sure all the food is spread out, so everything gets cooked evenly. For food like chips, you might need to cook a few batches.

Try shaking or flipping food mid-way through cooking to ensure everything is heated evenly.

How do I clean my air-fryer?

It is really easy to clean an air-fryer. Simply hand wash and leave to dry. Check your manual to see if your unit is dishwasher safe.

How do I stop food sticking to the basket?

You could put a layer of tin foil or baking parchment into the basket before you add the food to prevent any sticking. Or, you could use a small amount of oil, and this will help food crisp up too. If you have an air-fryer spray oil is a good investment.

Is air-frying healthier than deep-frying?

Cooking food in the air-fryer uses less oil, so it is a healthier alternative to deep-frying while still getting that wonderfully crispy texture. Try using your air-fryer to cook bacon, fried chicken or sweet potato fries.

What to cook in an air-fryer and meal ideas

The good news is air-fryers are incredibly versatile, meaning you can cook pretty much anything in them!

Air-fryers are particularly good at making food extra-crispy, all while using less oil than you would when cooking with an oven or hob.

Try cooking frozen food, like fish fingers, chips and chicken, in your fryer for a quick midweek meal. Make sure your food is piping hot in the middle before serving.

Whip up meals that the whole family will love in no time at all. These homemade falafels are ready in just 25 minutes.

472x310 Tesco RecipeGapsQ3 2022 15570 AirFryerFalafelWraps Amended

Make healthier versions of ready-made favourites, like these chunky chips.

472x310 Tesco RecipeGapsQ3 2022 15542 AirFryerChips Amended

Treat yourself and the family with these fakeaway-inspired salt and pepper chicken wings.

 472x310 Tesco RecipeGapsQ3 2022 15580 AirFryerCrispySaltPepperChickenWings Amended

Hosting a crowd? Try cooking up a savoury snack in just 15 minutes! Our loaded cheeseburger nachos recipe are really easy and everything is cooked in the air-fryer.

 472x310 airfryer nachos

See more of our amazing and easy air-fryer recipes here.

Our top 3 air-fryer hack recipes

Tip #1: Did you know that you can cook super crispy roast potatoes in the air fryer within 30 minutes? This can also save you valuable oven space while cooking up a big Sunday roast.

472x310 Tesco RecipeGapsQ3 2022 15587 AirFryerRoastPotatoes Amended

Tip #2: Make baking as easy as pie by using your air-fryer! Next time you have a sudden sweet craving, whip up a batch of double chocolate muffins, which are cooked in just 20 minutes.

 472x310 Tesco RecipeGapsQ3 2022 15720 VeganChocolateMuffins

Tip #3: You need to try air-frying fillets of fish. This recipe for air-fryer salmon will give you crispy skin and a tender, succulent inside. Simply put your salmon fillet and vegetables into a preheated air-fryer and cook for 12 minutes.

472x310 Tesco RecipeGapsQ3 2022 15557 AirFryerSalmonHoneyMustardGlaze Amended

What do you like cooking in your air-fryer? Comment below!

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