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1-minute expert

Learn new skills in just 1 minute with our classic, easy video recipes. From the fluffiest scones to the ultimate versatile tomato sauce, you'll be a confident cook in no time.

  1. How to make chocolate mousse

    We've got the only chocolate mousse recipe you’ll ever need. Whether for a dinner party or family treat, this is sure to be an irresistible crowd-pleaser every time. You can whip up this airy dessert in no time, the hardest part is just waiting for it to set…

  2. How to make chocolate curls

    Master gorgeous chocolate curls to decorate your bakes and desserts with this easy 1-minute expert video. Chocolate curls look incredibly impressive yet are simple to make, just choose your favourite chocolate (flavoured bars make a nice change) and give it a go.

  3. How to make chocolate ganache

    Learn how to make a rich and gloriously glossy chocolate ganache that you can use in three different ways to add a luxurious finish to your cakes and desserts. This super-simple recipe only needs dark chocolate and cream to make, then the trick is in the cooling of the ganache to make a warm drizzle (such as on this gorgeous triple chocolate cake), fluffy icing or indulgent truffles. 

  4. How to make baked cheesecake

    Learn how to make a velvety-smooth classic baked cheesecake with this 1-minute video guide. With the help of a few expert tips, you'll be baking this gorgeously creamy vanilla dessert perfectly every time.

  5. How to make bread and butter pudding

    Bread and butter pudding is a nostalgic, comfort food classic. Follow our 1-min video to make the perfect pudding every time, with juicy sultanas, creamy custard and a golden caramelised top.

  6. How to poach salmon

    Learn how to poach a side of salmon for a deliciously soft and tender result. Just a few simple steps stand between you and this impressive fish centrepiece, which is perfect for feeding a crowd.

  7. How to carve a turkey

    Learn how to carve a turkey with this handy video that will make serving this year's Christmas dinner a breeze. Follow our handy tips and tricks to save time and get the most from your bird.

  8. How to make custard

    No crumble or sponge pudding is complete without a spoonful of fresh custard, and now you can master how to make it from scratch with this easy video guide. Thanks to a few handy tips, you'll be making perfectly smooth and creamy custard every time.

  9. How to BBQ burgers

    Learn how to cook the juiciest burger on the BBQ with our easy step-to-step video guide. With the secret to the perfect burger sauce and ideas on how to garnish, you'll never settle for a basic bun again.

  10. How to make meringues

    Learn how to make the fluffiest, lightest meringues with our easy step-to-step video guide. With expert tips like pre-heating the sugar and adding cream of tartar for maximum chewiness, you'll be baking picture-perfect meringues every time.

  11. How to bake perfect scones

    Bake your way to a truly authentic teatime with these fresh and fluffy homemade scones. This quintissential British treat is deceptively easy and quick to make, all you need to decide now is: cream or jam first?

  12. How to BBQ salmon

    Learn how to cook salmon on the BBQ with this easy-to-follow video recipe and make sure you always end up with tender, flaky fish that's charred and delicious. The perfect summer recipe for impressing friends and family.

  13. How to make hollandaise sauce

    Master a classic hollandaise sauce with this 1-minute video that will make sure you always get a silky-smooth, rich and creamy sauce to dollop on eggs at your next brunch.

  14. How to make tomato sauce

    Learn how to make a classic tomato sauce with our 1-minute expert video recipe. This easy sauce forms the base of many Italian classics – stir through pasta, serve with meatballs or use to top homemade pizzas – and is a great basic recipe to master in the kitchen.