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3-ingredient cream cheese canapés

These party nibbles are as easy as 1, 2, 3. As long as you have a tub of Philadelphia Original cream cheese in the fridge, you only need a couple more ingredients to whip up impressive canapés – no cooking required!

  1. Creamy chocolate waffle bites

    Philadelphia Original + chocolate waffles + pistachios

    These waffle canapés are sure to delight at your next Christmas soirée. Cut Tesco Finest chocolate-coated Belgian waffles into strips and pipe little swirls of Philadelphia into the pockets of the waffles. Finish with a sprinkling of chopped pistachios and serve!

    Creamy chocolate waffle bites recipe
  2. Cream cheese-stuffed dates

    Philadelphia Original + dates + Parma ham

    In this party canapé, sticky Medjool dates are stuffed with Philadelphia Original cream cheese and wrapped in a strip of Parma ham. The combination of sweet, salty and creamy means these little bites pack a flavour punch.

    Cream cheese-stuffed dates recipe
  3. Cream cheese and dukkah toasts

    Philadelphia Original + Laffa-style flatbreads + dukkah spice mix

    Dukkah is a Middle Eastern blend of chickpeas, seeds and aromatic spices. It makes a vibrant crunchy topping on these toasted flatbread triangles thickly spread with cool, creamy Philadelphia.

    Cream cheese and dukkah toasts