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3 new ways to cook with Cheddar

Fans of Cheddar will love these new and easy recipe ideas. Britain’s favourite cheese is so versatile and can be so much more than a sandwich filling. Try it in these easy cheesy pizza balls, which combine all the flavours of an Italian favourite in a new easy canapé idea. Mix up your midweek meals with these giant hasselbacks that allow even more room for cheese. Or make your own Cheddar fondue in minutes at home.

  1. Cheesy pizza balls

    These melt-in-the-mouth crowd pleasers are perfect for rustling up at a party. Chunks of mature Cheddar are wrapped in pieces of salami and cased in basil and garlic ready-made mashed potato before being rolled in panko breadcrumbs and baked. Fresh out the oven, the cheese will be perfectly melted – just make sure you don’t burn your tongue.

    Cheesy pizza balls
  2. Giant cheesy hasselback potatoes

    Fans of jacket potatoes will love this twist on the classic. Slicing the potato nearly down to the base means there’s more surface area for the potato to crisp up and more cheese to potato ratio, which is definitely a good thing. Top your hasselbacks with small chorizo chunks and breadcrumbs which will crisp up nicely in the oven.

    Giant cheesy hasselback potatoes
  3. Cheddar dip

    Make your own cheese fondue at home by combining tangy Cheddar, cornflour, mustard powder and evaporated milk. The perfect combination of British flavours and French Alpine indulgence. Try dipping crusty bread, endives or carrots for the perfect wintry starter.

    Cheddar dip