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3 recipes for using up leftover pork

Make the most of your Sunday roast with these delicious leftover pork recipes! Whether you want a comforting sandwich or something a bit more creative, try our brilliant ideas on how to use up any meat that’s left in your fridge.

  1. Leftover pork bánh mì

    Try something new with your leftover pork. These Vietnamese-inspired bánh mì sandwiches are an absolute must-try. Toss your pork in hoisin sauce and load it into a baguette with fresh herbs and homemade pickle. Try using soft cheese triangles as a spread: it’s common practice in Vietnam and tastes delicious!

    Leftover pork bánh mì
  2. Cuban sandwich salad

    Transform your leftovers into a fresh and vibrant salad! Inspired by the sandwich, this Cuban salad is made with crispy croutons, cheese, salami and sweet pickles. Whip up a zingy mojo dressing and drizzle it over your bight and colourful salad bowl.

    Cuban sandwich salad
  3. Leftover pork sandwiches

    Turn Sunday’s leftovers into Monday’s lunch with these pork and apple slaw sandwiches. Stack your meat into a sourdough bloomer alongside grainy mustard. The star of the show is the slaw, made from crunchy Pink Lady apples, fresh fennel and lemon juice. Leftovers will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days – that’s lunch sorted!

    Leftover pork sandwiches