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3 shortcut desserts for the festive season

Cutting a corner or just plain cheating? Whatever you like to call it, we’re here to make your life that little bit easier this Christmas, so get inspired with minimum-effort, maximum-impact desserts that pack real wow factor – sure to dazzle friends and family over the festive season.

  1. Cheat’s croquembouche

    There’s nothing quite like the sight of a croquembouche – a spectacular cone-shaped tower of light choux pastry drizzled with sticky caramel – to signal that Christmas is coming. Our clever shortcut piles frozen chocolate profiteroles into a pyramid before pouring over melted chocolate and caramel sauce. A scattering of glittery gold nuts and sugar-coated cranberries adds crunch, sweetness and colour.

    Cheat’s croquembouche
  2. Cheesecake Christmas trees

    Decorating the tree can be one of the best bits about Christmas, so why not get the kids to help you decorate their dessert? This time-saving recipe takes a Tesco Finest Madagascan Vanilla Cheesecake, cuts it into tree-shaped slices and dips each in melted milk chocolate. Then the fun really begins by decorating them with ‘tinsel’ – white chocolate dyed green – and ‘baubles’ (sprinkles!).

    Cheesecake Christmas trees
  3. Black Forest tart

    While everyone loves a Black Forest gâteau at this time of year, it can be a time-confusing treat to make, so why not whip up a cheat’s version that serves eight and takes just 20 minutes to make? A shop-bought pastry tart case is filled with a mixture of custard and cocoa powder before being topped with halved cherries and cream. Pretty chocolate curls add Instagrammable good looks.

    Black Forest tart