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Amazing ways to use white wine

You don’t need a fully loaded bar to make homemade cocktails. These Christmas cocktail ideas all have one alcohol in common – a bottle of white wine! Choose from our three easy white wine cocktail recipes for a festive tipple, from frozen cranberry slushies to a tart grapefruit spritz.

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  1. Frosted cranberry slushies

    Frozen cocktails aren’t just for summer – these frosted cranberry slushies put a Christmassy spin on a summer idea. Simmer tart frozen cranberries to a soft pureé then blitz with frozen white wine and sweet orange juice for a pretty adults-only slushie to get in the festive spirit.

    Frosted cranberry slushies
  2. Honeyed clementine and chilli smash

    Festive flavours combine with a touch of heat in this honeyed clementine and chilli smash. Juicy clementines are muddled together with fresh mint, chilli and honey, then topped up with a bottle of white wine and sparkling water for a fizzy Christmas pitcher.

    Honeyed clementine and chilli smash
  3. Grapefruit spritz

    For a cocktail night for two, make this grapefruit spritz recipe. Tangy pink grapefruit juice and white wine are balanced with a touch of brown sugar and fragrant rosemary. Top up with tonic water for an elegant spritz.

    Grapefruit spritz