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Amazing ways to use instant mash

A packet of instant mashed potato is a handy storecupboard staple to keep on standby, ready to top a shepherd’s pie or serve up with sausages. Try something new with this budget shortcut with these three recipes, from an Italian-inspired gnocchi bake to comforting fish chowder.

  1. Easy chowder with herby dumplings

    This easy chowder with herby dumplings recipe uses a packet of instant mash in two ways – use some to thicken the broth into a rich, creamy chowder, then use the rest to make quick herby dumplings. The fluffy parsley dumplings add extra indulgence to this creamy classic soup filled with tender fish, sweetcorn and leeks.

    Easy chowder with herby dumplings
  2. Bubble and squeak cakes

    Take sausage and mash to the next level and make these crispy bubble and squeak cakes. Add plenty of flavour to your instant mash with cabbage, spring onions, mint and tangy crumbled cheese, then fry until crisp and golden on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Serve up with sausages for an easy 30 minute meal.

    Bubble and squeak cakes
  3. Gooey gnocchi bake

    Have a go at making homemade gnocchi from scratch – using instant mashed potato is a clever shortcut that makes this super easy. Get the kids involved in mixing the dough and rolling the gnocchi, then use in this gooey gnocchi bake recipe. Your homemade dumplings are cooked in a cherry tomato sauce with added olives, topped with melting mozzarella and crispy breadcrumbs.

    Gooey gnocchi bake