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Easy-to-assemble grazing boards

Keep catering for celebrations simple with our trio of impressive party platters. From a crowd-pleasing plant-based board to a Pavlova-inspired selection, we’ve got everything covered.

  1. Charcuterie platter

    Showcasing fabulous charcuterie like Tesco Finest bresaola carpaccio and Tesco Finest Pork, Honey and Orange Cocktail Sausages, this easy-to-assemble charcuterie platter is a real crowd-pleaser. Simply arrange the meats, crunchy vegetable crudités and Tesco Finest Wild Mushroom and Truffle Flavoured Crisps around the star of the platter, a moreish homemade truffle cheese fondue.

    Don’t be put off by the cooking element – you just need to bring a little white wine to a simmer, add the truffle-infused cheese and cornflour, and stir until glossy. Keep the presentation on point by crumbling any leftover cheese across the cured meats.

    Charcuterie platter
  2. Vegan platter

    Catering for vegan friends at a celebratory occasion doesn’t have to be difficult. This recipe for a plant-based grazing board is simple, but special. A quick-to-make muhammara dip and a creamy roasted garlic houmous provide plenty of flavour, while lightly toasted pitta chips and vegetable crudités add crunch. Just pair with a Plant Chef Sharing No Pork Savoury Pie for an impressive meze-style vegan snacking board that offers something for everyone to enjoy. It serves 6 as a side, but if you're feeding more, just increase the quantities.

    Vegan platter
  3. Dessert platter

    Looking for something to please a sweet-toothed crowd? This DIY dessert platter serves six, but is easily scalable for larger occasions. You'll need to make a 10-minute berry compote by heating blackberries and blueberries with sugar. Then, dip tangerine segments, strawberries and dates into melted dark chocolate and dust with crushed-up Tesco Finest maple nuts for the chocolately fruit. Serve both elements with Tesco Finest meringue nests, chocolate orange popcorn and gingerbread extra thick double cream for a piled-high platter of Pavlova-inspired treats.

    Dessert platter