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How to build the ultimate burger

There are so many ways to create a burger but what makes the ultimate burger? What’s the best burger bun? Should you always add lettuce? Is cheese a must-have?

Tesco’s Executive Chef Jamie Robinson shares his expert insight on the Tesco Finest ultimate brisket & chuck burger and why he think’s Olly’s Thank You Finest Burger recipe is the greatest of all time.

  1. What’s the best burger bun?

    ‘Buttery, sweet and soft, brioche buns are unquestionably the ultimate carrier for any burger. They complement the savoury burger, while the fluffy light structure soaks up all the lovely juices without (most importantly) falling apart.’

    If you want to have a go at making your own, check our step-by-step recipe, which guides you through every part of the technique.

    What’s the best burger bun?
  2. What’s pico de gallo?

    Pico de gallo is a traditional Mexican salsa made with chopped tomatoes, diced red onions, jalapeños, fresh coriander and lime. ‘The pico de gallo adds a sweet, spicy, sour and fresh finish to the wonderful burger.’

    What’s pico de gallo?
  3. Tortilla chips on a burger, are you mad?

    ‘Tortilla chips give the ultimate crunch and we really couldn’t do a Mexican-inspired burger without tortilla chips.’

    They’ll be lots of tortilla chips left over after you’ve made the burger, why not serve some on the side with extra guacamole or some of the leftover pico de gallo.

    Tortilla chips on a burger, are you mad?
  4. Where are the pickles?

    ‘Instead of pickles, this burger has jalapeños, which still has all the pickle flavours but they add a hot and sour kick too.’

    Where are the pickles?
  5. What’s the best cheese for a burger?

    ‘Olly’s Thank You Finest Burger is made with Tesco Finest red Leicester cheese; it’s a mild, creamy cheese with a slight nuttiness that works so well with the salty nachos.’

    But any cheese with a good melt factor (think Cheddar, mozzarella, gouda or Emmental) works well; it will add indulgence to the burger and amp up the savoury flavours.

    If you have any left over, try making the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich

    What’s the best cheese for a burger?
  6. The star of the show: the burger

    The Finest ultimate brisket & chuck Burger is made up of succulent cuts of brisket and chuck. Brisket is known for its great marbling, good fat content and smooth flavour and chuck for being a great all-rounder cut. Combined together with a little seasoning, they create a melt-in-the-mouth burger for all occasions. Jamie says: ‘The prime cuts of Aberdeen Angus beef give the burger an amazing meaty texture, while still being succulent and flavoursome.’

    And it’s not just us that thinks these burgers are the bee’s knees; the Good Housekeeping Institute named them a taste test winner*.

    The star of the show: the burger
  7. What place does guacamole have in a burger?

    ‘The creamy guacamole adds a level of richness, while still being fresh, vibrant and zingy too. The contrast of the hot burger against the cool homemade guacamole is mouth-wateringly good.’

    If you can’t get enough of the green stuff, there’s lots of different ways to eat it, take a look at our Seven clever ways with guacamole you need to know.

    What place does guacamole have in a burger?
  8. Do burgers always need lettuce?

    ‘Yes! The crunchy, fresh bite of crisp lettuce is a must to cut through the richness of the burger.’

    In Olly’s Thank You Finest Burger, Little Gem lettuce has been used but you could use crunchy iceberg, peppery watercress, vibrant spinach or mustardy rocket.

    Do burgers always need lettuce?
  9. What do you think?

    Are you convinced? Find the full recipe for Olly’s Thank You Finest Burgers here or if you’d like to try the Finest ultimate chuck & brisket burger with something else, take a look at the tastiest burger toppers for summer here or our low-carb burger recipes here.

    *Joint Winner Good Housekeeping Institute Supermarket Burger Taste Test 2021.

    What do you think?