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The best low-carb burgers for summer

All the fun without the bun - give one of these three inventive recipes using Tesco's Finest ultimate brisket & chuck burger a go this summer.

  1. Naked burger

    Barbecued sweet potato rounds are the hero of this burger recipe. Add a succulent beef burger, cheddar cheese, avocado and quick pickled cucumbers and you've got a low carb burger recipe for any night of the week. The beetroot and carrot salad and the cucumber will benefit from being made a few hours ahead, which leaves you time to enjoy the sunshine!

    Naked burger
  2. Burger bowl

    This low carb burger recipe has it all: a succulent beef burger, fresh salad, smokey charred vegetables, homemade guacamole, zingy pickled red onions and crunchy tortilla chips. It's also incredibly versatile; try it with veggie burgers or mix up the salads or vegetables to use up what you have in the fridge.

    Burger bowl
  3. Lettuce wrap burger

    Swap the burger bun for a no carb option with added crunch! This recipe uses the much-overlooked iceberg lettuce, which provides the cradle for a delicious burger. You’ll have a little lettuce left, shred it up finely and use it as an addition to any salad you are making.

    Lettuce wrap burger