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The best recipes using Easter leftovers

However you're celebrating this Easter, stretch your feast further with our savvy ideas for using up leftovers. Whether you roasted a whole leg of lamb or bought one-too-many hot cross buns, we've got plenty of ideas so not even a crumb will go to waste. Find the image of what you've got leftover then flip to discover the recipes to use it up.

  1. Leftover Easter lamb

    Did you make a whole leg of lamb for a family of four? Fear not, we’ve got plenty of ideas to use up all that glorious meat, flip the image to discover them.

  2. Leftover beef

    If beef was the star of the show, we’ve got a quick and easy recipe to transform your roast into a lunchtime treat. Flip to find the recipe.

  3. Leftover chicken

    There are plenty of ways to give roast chicken a new lease of life but flip the card to find out one of our favourite recipes.

  4. Leftover salmon

    Did traditional fish on Good Friday include a whole side of salmon? We’ve got an abundance of ways to use it all up, flip to find them.

  5. Leftover hot cross buns

    It’s not often that you’ll have leftover hot cross buns but just in case you do, flip to find imaginative ways to use them up.

  6. Leftover Easter eggs

    Let’s hope you got far too many Easter eggs this year because the recipes to use them up are too good not to try. Flip to see them.