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Jamie Oliver's school dinner plan

Parents, now your home’s become a classroom, you’re not only in charge of teaching but also cooking the school dinners. Thankfully, Jamie Oliver has planned some meals to take some of the workload off your plate.

  1. Jamie's 'home school dinner' stir-fry

    Jamie says: "This delicious 'Home School Dinner' stir fry is super simple to make and packs two of your child's five-a-day into one dish. Finish it off with a dousing of Jamie’s secret ingredient, hoisin sauce, and prepare to pass your child’s strict taste test with flying colours."

    Try the stir-fry recipe.

    Jamie's 'home school dinner' stir-fry
  2. Summer frittata with a pea, mint and broad bean pesto

    Jamie says: "Frittatas are my go-to for a quick and easy lunch, and are great for picnics, too. Ripple the pesto through the egg mixture before cooking, then dollop extra over the top for a hit of summer flavour."

    Try the summer frittata recipe.

    Summer frittata with a pea, mint and broad bean pesto
  3. Super green spaghetti with parmesan & ricotta

    Jamie says: "This super speedy supper is so fun to make, and a great way to transform hardy greens into a deliciously silky pasta sauce. So simple, but, boy, is it good."

    Try the super green spaghetti recipe.

    Super green spaghetti with parmesan & ricotta
  4. Easy herb-crusted fish

    Jamie says: "This is a great way to get kids to eat more fish. This recipe is incredibly versatile – use whichever fish you like (as long as it's sustainable) and add any herbs to the crumb. A fine grating of Parmesan makes a nice addition, too. It doesn’t matter if your bread is a bit stale, it’ll still work fine. And if you haven’t got any bread you can use four smashed-up cream crackers instead."

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    Easy herb-crusted fish
  5. Easy veggie noodles

    Jamie says: "This super-tasty, quick noodle recipe is all about the tasty dressing – toss through the hot veg and noodles, and then top with a fried egg (and chilli sauce for the grown-ups) it’s comfort in a bowl."

    Try the easy veggie noodle recipe.

    Easy veggie noodles