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Lunchbox ideas for adults

Packed lunches aren’t just for kids, and they certainly don’t have to be limited to soggy sarnies or limp salads. Unleash your kitchen creativity with these six tasty lunchbox ideas that are not only quick and easy to prepare, but also delicious and budget-friendly, too. Plus, they feature lots of ingredients you’re likely already to have in your store cupboard.

  1. Greek salad wraps

    This vegetarian lunch is sure to brighten up any day in the office with its vibrant medley of Mediterranean flavours. A soft wholemeal tortilla is the ideal base for crisp salad, crumbly cheese and tangy olives. Just include an easy side of butter beans, sundried tomatoes and lemony rocket, and you’ve got the perfect lunch package.

    Greek salad wraps
  2. Smoked mackerel Caesar salad

    If you always opt for a chicken Caesar salad, try mixing it up with this smoked mackerel Caesar recipe instead. The oily fish is not only rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but also stands up to the strong salty Parmesan and tangy dressing. Keeping the salad, dressing and croutons separate until ready to serve means everything will stay fresh and crunchy.

    Smoked mackerel Caesar salad
  3. Butternut salad with pea and goat’s cheese dip

    The key to a good lunchbox salad is having a variety of tastes and textures. This easy vegetarian salad has the perfect balance of soft and smoky roasted squash, sweet, lightly pickled red onion, aromatic fresh mint and crunchy seeds. Serve it with a creamy pea and goat’s cheese dip for crisp breadsticks. 

    Butternut salad with pea and goat’s cheese dip
  4. Egg mayo, ham and watercress sandwich

    An old school classic, the humble egg mayo sandwich receives a tasty reworking in the shape of this healthy version, which needs only an egg and a spoonful of creamy mayo – plus (for some extra substance and savoury punch) a few layers of ham and a handful of peppery watercress.

    Egg mayo, ham and watercress sandwich
  5. Prawn summer rolls

    Fresh, healthy and definitely different, these Vietnamese-inspired summer rolls are ready in less than 20 mins and need only a handful of elements to put together. Grab a spring roll kit, shred some crunchy veg and roll up with noodles and prawns for a tasty parcel to dip in spicy sauce. Bonus: you’ll have enough ingredients for lunch another day, too.

    Prawn summer rolls
  6. Duck and grain salad

    Push the boat out, in the easiest way possible, with this Asian-inspired duck and grain salad recipe. Using a pack of Thai-spiced chickpeas, quinoa and bulgur wheat as the salad base, plus a ready-to-eat aromatic hoisin duck kit, means there is very little prep work required in the kitchen, and you’ll have enough to make two lunches in total. Just add some broccoli, avocado and pomegranate for freshness, plus a sprinkling of toasted seeds for crunch. 

    Duck and grain salad
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