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New BBQ cuts to try

There is so much more to barbecuing than bangers and burgers and these tasty ideas, using different cuts of meat, will help you keep things fresh on the grill this summer.

  1. Pork spare rib rack

    For a marvellously meaty feast, try cooking a whole rack of pork ribs on the BBQ. Smother them in a sticky sauce, using our BBQ sticky ribs recipe for inspiration.

    Pork spare rib rack
  2. Duck breasts

    Duck meat is really gamey and can take on all the smoky flavours of a BBQ. You’ll need to discard the skin before cooking – it’s very fatty and will cause flames. We like to cut the meat into strips or cubes and thread onto skewers to make duck kebabs.

  3. Pork belly

    This cheap cut of meat is perfect for slow cooking on the BBQ as it stays really moist. For a flavourful spin, try our fiery Asian-flavoured pork belly salad served with a zesty ginger and lime dipping sauce.

    Pork belly
  4. Lamb chops

    Revamp your barbecue this summer with succulent lamb chops, marinated in sharp lime juice and sweet soy sauce. Serve with a nutty, homemade satay sauce to really impress.

    Lamb chops
  5. Venison shoulder steaks

    Grilled venison steaks make a seriously sophisticated BBQ dish. The meat is very lean, so make sure that you marinate it first for one to two hours in a mix of red wine, olive oil and a little chopped shallot before cooking, like these traditional beef steaks.

  6. Pork shoulder joint

    Slow things down and make perfect pulled pork with a pork shoulder joint. To cook it from scratch, you’ll need a BBQ that will stay warm for around four hours, but if your BBQ can’t do that (or you don’t have time), take a shortcut.

    Pork shoulder joint
  7. Whole chicken

    Fancy wowing your hungry guests? Look no further than our delicious guide to barbecuing a whole chickenThis simple method shows you how to spatchcock the bird, start it off in the oven to ensure it cooks through evenly, and then finish off on the BBQ for a gorgeous smoky flavour.

    Whole chicken
  8. Beef top rib joint

    Beef top rib joint is a great cut of meat to feed the whole family. It can also take masses of flavour, like in our Barbecued beef in Dijon recipe that also includes a speedy cooking twist. Why not try this recipe for a summery twist on a traditional Sunday lunch? Find other inspiring Sunday lunch BBQ ideas here.

    Beef top rib joint