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Scarily easy Halloween crafts

From juice carton mummies to ghoulish lollipop ghosts, have fun with the kids this Halloween and create your own creepy crafts. These spooky ideas are so easy to make and perfect for Halloween parties. Check out our simple step-by-steps below!

  1. Mummy juice cartons

    Mummy juice cartons

    You will need crepe paper; glue; juice cartons; googly eyes

    1. Cut the crepe paper into long thin strips. Glue thin pieces in place over the top of the carton, leaving a gap for the straw.

    2. Cover the carton by gluing on the end and wrapping around. Repeat until it completely hides any colour from the packaging.

    3. Stick the googly eyes in place.

  2. Lollipop spiders

    Lollipop spiders

    You will need black pipe cleaners; lollipops; glue; googly eyes

    1. Cut 4 pipe cleaners in half. Fold each piece in half and wrap around a lollipop stick (glue the stick first), starting at the sweet and working down, so you have 8 legs. Fold the ends over to make feet.

    2. Cut 5cm of pipe cleaner and wrap it around the stick next to the legs to make a head. Stick on 2 eyes.

  3. Lollipop ghosts

    Lollipop ghosts

    You will need square tissues; lollipops; orange or black ribbons; black pen

    1. Layer up 2 tissues, so they overlap in a star shape with 8 points. Place the top of a lollipop in the centre. Pull up the edges of the tissues and smooth around the sweet.

    2. Tie ribbon around the ‘neck’ below the sweet and finish with a bow. Draw on a face.