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3-ingredient Halloween recipes

Create a spook-tacular feast for your Halloween party with these easy, effective 3-ingredient recipes. From witches' hat sausage rolls to spider's web pancakes, we've got you covered for the Hallo-weekend.

  1. Halloween English muffins

    For a great anytime snack over the Hallo-weekend, give these cute Halloween English muffins a try. Simply top a sliced English muffin with red pepper hummus and garnish with chopped celery sticks to make the perfect snack for kids or grow-ups.

    Halloween English muffins
  2. Snake dough sticks

    These savoury dough sticks make a great addition to your Halloween party spread. Made with pizza base mix, scattered with pumpkin seeds and served with a ready-made salsa, they're the perfect spooky snack.

    Snake dough sticks
  3. Halloween pepper dippers

    Downsize your pumpkin carving with this easy Halloween pepper dipper recipe. Carve up some orange peppers, fill with ready-made houmous and dip to your hearts content with tortilla chips or cruditès.

    Halloween pepper dippers
  4. 'Creepy crumble' apples

    Having a Halloween dinner party? Finish your meal with these super easy 'creepy crumble' apples, made using a clever cereal bar and raisin filling. 

    'Creepy crumble' apples
  5. Spider's web pancakes with fruity spiders

    What better way to celebrate the Hallo-weekend than with these fun spider's web pancakes? Creepy-crawly berry spiders make this a great breakfast option for the little ones too.

    Spider's web pancakes with fruity spiders
  6. Kiwi mocktail

    The perfect party drink for kids and adults alike, simply blitz kiwis and lemonade and top with blackcurrant squash for an easy two-tone effect in this fun mocktail recipe.

    Kiwi mocktail
  7. Pear ghost lollies

    With just pears, white chocolate and dark chocolate chips, you can rustle up these spooky Halloween ghost pops that the kids will love!

    Pear ghost lollies
  8. Cookie dough mummies

    For the ultimate sweet Halloween treat, give these easy cookie dough mummies a go. With a rich chocolate cookie centre and covered in white chocolate, you and the kids can get creative with the bandages and scary eyes to decorate.

    Cookie dough mummies
  9. Witch's hat sausage rolls

    Everyone loves a sausage roll at a party buffet, so we've given this classic a Halloween makeover with witches' hat shaped pastry in our spooky sausage roll recipe.

    Witch's hat sausage rolls
  10. Cheese straw broomsticks

    A simple, spooky snack fit for the most wicked of witches! Crisp breadsticks, string cheese and a chive bow makes for an impressive broomstick.

    Cheese straw broomsticks