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Take your taste buds travelling

Shake up your culinary repertoire by trying out a different cuisine for dinner. These ideas will inspire you to branch out from your everyday recipes and experiment in the kitchen. From Chinese classics to less familiar Peruvian dishes, discover your new favourite flavours here.

  1. Heaped-up Hawaiian

    When it comes to salads, it's easy to get stuck in a rut and opt for the same lettuce, tomato and cucumber combinations every time. Take inspiration instead from Hawaii with this colourful smoked salmon poké recipe. Poké bowls are traditionally heaped-up bowls full of deliciously fresh raw fish and crunchy vegetables with a tangy dressing, adding layers of texture and flavour to make this a salad worth savouring.

    Heaped-up Hawaiian
  2. Escape to the sun

    Curl up with a comforting bowl of this Malaysian king prawn and courgette laksa to be transported to sunnier shores. The creamy coconut base balances the heat from chilli and ginger, while the addition of tinned bamboo shoots makes a change from your standard veg. 

    Escape to the sun
  3. Peruvian favourite

    Give a South American twist to two of your favourite dishes by combining a stir-fry with chips. This Peruvian saltado is a popular dish of spiced stir-fried beef served with celeriac and sweet potato fries. The best bit about this dish? It feels like a treat but is still under 450 calories.

    Peruvian favourite
  4. Classic Cranachan

    You don’t need to look too far afield to find delicious new dishes to try. Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert showcasing the best of classic Scottish produce – oats, whisky and raspberries. This indulgent dish is a popular Burns Night (25 January) pudding but tastes delicious any time of year.

    Classic Cranachan
  5. Chinese celebrations

    Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to try some new dishes and get the kids involved in cooking too. Meatballs are always a family favourite, and these lion’s head meatballs with a sticky plum sauce glaze are perfect for making with the kids. Or try pancake spring rolls filled with ham, noodles and raw veg and let everyone customise their own.

    Chinese celebrations
  6. Find your fortune

    The best bit of a Chinese takeaway is always cracking open the fortune cookies at the end – but have you ever thought about making your own? They are simple to make and the perfect way to end a celebration for Chinese New Year. Have fun writing the fortunes to hide inside the cookies, which are dipped in chocolate and coconut for a tasty twist. 

    Find your fortune
  7. Push yourself

    Pasta is an everyday staple for many of us, but to become a true master of Italian cooking, you should try making it from scratch. Set an afternoon aside to learn a fun new skill and make these homemade ravioli with peas, mint and ricotta. A smart dinner dish to showcase your new talent.

    Push yourself
  8. Midweek meal

    Experimenting with flavours and cuisines doesn’t need to be complicated. This Vietnamese-inspired quick beef pho is a speedy midweek meal that can be made in less than 30 minutes. Follow the top tip of freezing the steak to be able to slice it very thinly, which helps it cook quickly in the spiced broth for tender results.

    Midweek meal
  9. Comfort food

    With such cold weather, it is no surprise that Russia does great hearty comfort food. This traditional beef stroganoff is the ideal dinner to enjoy on a dark winter’s night. The rich creamy sauce, sautéed mushrooms and touch of heat from paprika show why this eternally popular dish has stood the test of time.

    Comfort food