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The ultimate Easter lamb and 3 leftover ideas

Wow your guests on Easter with this spectacular slow-cooked shoulder of lamb. Discover our genius ideas for using up any leftover meat from a crispy hash to a hearty pasta bake. Get stuck in!

  1. Slow-cooked hot honey lamb shoulder

    Get Easter lunch sorted with your slow-cooker. Marinate your lamb shoulder with a sticky and sweet glaze made with honey, harissa and rosemary. Slow-cook your lamb for 5 hrs until the meat is tender and falls off the bone. Use two forks to shred the meat, then pile onto zingy whipped feta. This is a main that’s sure to impress. Why not serve alongside these gorgeous boulangère potatoes?

    Slow-cooked hot honey lamb shoulder
  2. Lamb and sesame flatbreads

    Use any leftover shredded lamb to make this Middle-Eastern-inspired dish. Whip up homemade flatbreads with just flour and natural yogurt, then top with colourful veg and your lamb. Garnish with a drizzle of tahini and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.

    Lamb and sesame flatbreads
  3. Spicy lamb pasta bake

    This pasta bake takes inspiration from a Turkish manti. Leftover lamb and aubergine are flavoured with sumac, garlic and pine nuts. Top the mixture with a rich tomato sauce, yogurt, and Parmesan, then bake until golden and bubbling.

    Spicy lamb pasta bake
  4. Lamb and potato hash

    Liven up your leftover lamb with this easy hash recipe – great for brunch, lunch or dinner! Potatoes and tender lamb are pan-fried until crispy with spring onions and greens. This tastes extra-good with a drizzle of hot sauce on top.

    Lamb and potato hash