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Best recipes to serve 1

Whether you live alone, are a student or just have a night at home when the family are out, we've got plenty of recipes to serve 1 for when you are just cooking for yourself - no need to live on leftovers for a week! From simple toast ideas to easy mug recipes and healthy salads, we've got everything you need for solo cooking.

Buddha bowl
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Buddha bowl

Try this delicious vegetable bowl for a beautifully bright meal. Packed with a medley of vegetables, nourishing quinoa and creamy houmous, this colourful salad is guaranteed to brighten up weekday lunchtimes.

  1. Cook the quinoa according to pack instructions. Allow to cool.
  2. Spoon the houmous into the centre of a large bowl, and then arrange the remaining ingredients around the edge of the bowl in wedges, keeping each one separate. Serve immediately.

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  • Ingredients
  • 3 tbsp Merchant Gourmet Red & White Quinoa
  • 2 tbsp houmous
  • ½ carrot, grated
  • ½ courgette, grated
  • ½ avocado, sliced
  • 2 tbsp tinned kidney beans
  • handful watercress
  • 2 tbsp tinned sweetcorn
  • 2 radishes, sliced