1. Heat milk and cream

    Put 150ml double cream and 150ml whole milk in a pan, place over a medium-low heat and bring almost to the boil. Meanwhile, finely chop 300g dark chocolate and put in a large bowl. When the milk and cream are steaming but not quite boiling, pour over the chopped chocolate.

  2. Leave to melt

    Leave the mixture for 5 mins to melt, then stir gently until smooth and fully combined.

  3. Pour into ramekins

    Pour the mixture into 4-6 small ramekins (about 125ml) and chill for 2 hrs. 

  4. Serve

    Once set, serve with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of grated chocolate, if you like.

    RFO CHOCOLATE POTS PINS 0360 636x418

    Calories 413 (21%), sugar 27.1 (30%), fat 29.6 (42%), saturates 18.2 (91%), salt 0.09 (2%), based on 6 servings without extra toppings.

  5. Ingredients

    You need just three ingredients for these rich chocolate pots - take a screenshot of the list before you go shopping.

    150ml double cream
    150ml whole milk
    300g dark chocolate