1. Mix the marinade

    For a simple marinade that’s great with chicken (as well as fish), mix 6 tbsp lemon juice with 6 tbsp olive oil, 1 crushed garlic clove and a few sprigs of thyme or rosemary. Season.

  2. Butterfly the chicken

    Butterfly the chicken breasts to make them thinner and ensure that they cook all the way through. To do this, place the chicken breast on a board and lay one hand flat on top, then use a sharp knife to carefully cut horizontally through the middle almost all the way though. Open out and lay flat.

  3. Shake and coat

    Put the chicken and the marinade in a large ziplock bag and seal it closed. Gently shake to ensure all the chicken is coated. Put the bag in a large dish in the fridge and leave for 2-3 hours, gently shaking the bag occasionally to ensure the meat marinates evenly.

  4. Cooking time

    About 20 minutes before cooking, remove the chicken from the fridge and drain off the marinade and discard. The meat needs to be at room temperature to cook evenly. Cook the butterflied breasts over direct heat on one side for 3 minutes, then flip over and cook for another 3 minutes. Then cook for another 3 minutes on each side. Check the chicken is cooked through by making a small cut into the thickest part of one – there should be no pink showing.

  5. Serve and enjoy

    Scatter some fresh chopped parsley or thyme leaves over the cooked chicken and serve.