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How to bake a Trans Pride Swiss roll

Show support for the LGBTQ+ community this Pride month by baking Jacob Taylor’s Swiss roll using the colours of the trans flag. Fresh raspberries and blueberries make up the filling, along with jam and whipped cream for a smooth, fruity dessert idea to make the most of the summer's produce. Jacob is a self-taught baker from London who finds baking a great way to engage with people: at work he makes a Pride cake for a summer event and is now the co-chair of their Pride network. Watch our Bake with Pride video to learn more about what Pride means to Jacob.

  1. Piping the mixture

    Preheat the oven to gas 6, 200°C, fan 180°C and line a 25 x 35cm baking tray with nonstick baking paper. Put the sugar and eggs in a large bowl and beat with an electric whisk on medium-high for 10 mins until thick and airy. Divide the mixture evenly into 3 bowls. Add the pink food colour gel to one portion and the blue food colour gel to another; gently fold into the mixture with a spatula until no specks of gel can be seen. Leave the third bowl uncoloured.

    Sieve 3 tbsp flour over each of the 3 mixtures. Gently fold in the flour, cleaning your spatula between each bowl.

    Transfer the mixes into 3 piping bags fitted with a large round nozzle, or cut to make a 1cm wide opening. Pipe a line of plain mix diagonally from one corner of the tray to the other. Sandwich this with a line of pink mixture either side, then sandwich the pink mixture with a line of blue. Repeat using the pink, then plain, back to pink, and blue until the tray is covered. If you have any left over, you can top up the lines you’ve already piped.

    Piping the mixture
  2. Rolling it up to cool

    Bake on the middle shelf of the oven for 8-10 mins until the sponge is light golden. Lay a clean, damp tea towel on a surface and carefully slide the sponge onto it, pulling down any paper if it’s sticking up. Roll up the sponge widthways in the tea towel and leave to cool completely.

    Unroll the cake and peel away the paper, keeping it under the cake.

    If using, dissolve the gelatine in a small bowl with 3 tbsp boiling water. Whip 200ml cream to soft peaks in a large bowl, gradually adding the gelatine as you whisk. Adding gelatine to the whipped cream helps the Swiss roll hold its shape.

    Rolling it up to cool
  3. Adding the filling

    Spread the jam over the sponge followed by the whipped cream, leaving a 1cm border. Scatter the raspberries and blueberries over the cream, then use the paper to help you carefully roll up the cake, keeping an eye on the far edge so no fruit escapes. Roll the cake so the seam is at the bottom.

    Transfer to the fridge for 6 hrs to set then dust with icing sugar before serving.

    Adding the filling
  4. Ingredients

    We've made a handy shopping list so you can get everything you need to make this Swiss roll. Don't forget to screenshot before you go shopping!

    6 tbsp caster sugar
    3 large eggs
    1 tsp pink food colour gel
    1 tsp blue food colour gel
    9 tbsp self-raising flour
    1 tsp gelatine powder (optional)
    4 tbsp seedless fruit jam, such as raspberry
    200ml whipping cream
    60g raspberries
    60g blueberries
    icing sugar, for dusting

    Serves 6 | Takes 40 mins plus 6 hrs chilling

    Each serving contains

    • Energy

    • Fat

      17g 24%
    • Saturates

      9g 47%
    • Sugars

      25g 28%
    • Salt

      0.4g 6%

    of the reference intake
    Carbohydrate 46.5g Protein 7.3g Fibre 1.2g