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Kitchen essentials: Christmas heroes

Are you the host with the most when it comes to festive entertaining, or love cooking Christmas lunch? Or does the thought of catering for a crowd bring you out in a cold sweat? Or perhaps you’re somewhere in between! Wherever you stand on the seasonal cooking and catering, there’s no denying that the right kitchen tools and cooking equipment will make the tasks a lot easier. So, here’s our pick of the best kitchen essentials to make light work of keeping everyone fed and happy – including the cooks and hosts!

Create a kitchen essentials checklist for cooking the turkey

The right roaster and a few tools will make turkey success easier to achieve

Let’s start with the basics: if you’re cooking a large bird, you’ll need a large roaster to ensure the meat cooks evenly and you catch all the cooking juices. Find one that’s easy to clean too and your job is done! This Go Cook Marble Large Roaster 37 x 30.5cm has a premium nonstick coating, is dishwasher-safe and comes with a 10-year guarantee. You don’t have to buy lots of gadgets, but a baster and meat thermometer are useful, particularly when you’re juggling lots in the kitchen. Finally, make sure you have a sturdy board or block to carve your turkey on – one with a channel for juices is best – plus a good-quality carving knife to make the task simple and safe. Need more turkey tips? Our seven steps to turkey success is worth a read.

Go Cook oven gloves 1400x919

Catering for veggies? Ensure you have some multipurpose cooking equipment

A loaf tin, pie dish and a set of saucepans will stand you in good stead

If you’re cooking for vegetarians or vegans, we can help: we have some mouthwatering mains and quality kit to make the job easier. Create an impressive terrine for the big lunch, such as this delicious vegan nut roast. You’ll need a good loaf tin (they’re not just for banana bread!). This Go Cook one is made from heavy gauge carbon steel with a wide-handle design to make it easier to carry. It also has a premium nonstick coating to keep your roast intact and make the clean-up quicker (but you can pop it in the dishwasher too). If you fancy making a veggie pie, a simple pie dish will do the job all-year round, and if you’re making two gravies, one with meat juices and one veggie, a set of quality saucepans are worth their weight in gold.

Go Cook oven gloves 1400x919

Keep it simple when you’re catering for Christmas parties

You can’t beat a good canapé and the right cooking equipment will make things run smoothly

It’s true that make-ahead canapés take most of the stress out of entertaining, but it’s also nice to serve some hot nibbles at a Christmas gathering and we’ve got lots of canapé inspiration to help you plan your menu. For fresh-out-the-oven food, make sure your baking trays are up to the job: this set of two Go Cook Marble Oven Trays come with a premium, nonstick coating and, looked after, should last years (they come with a 10-year guarantee). Presentation matters, so bring out your pretty serving platters to make simple food look special – this Go Cook Acacia Herringbone Board is eye-catching and a good size for finger food or a cheeseboard. Don’t forget kitchen utensils – the Go Cook Acacia Silicone range is made from acacia wood that looks attractive on your table – the turner and slotted spoon are particularly useful. Finally, you’ll need a double oven glove and plenty of tea towels!

Go Cook oven gloves 1400x919

A good-quality frying pan will come into its own at Christmas

Choose a spacious pan that won’t buckle or stick

It may not be the obvious choice for Christmas cooking, but this everyday kitchen essential will help you solve your Christmas dinner dilemmas and add a little sparkle to your Christmas leftovers. Roasties not crisping up? Try frying them in a little rapeseed oil or duck fat. Rustle up some bubble and squeak made with leftover sprouts or a super-easy turkey biryani for your Boxing Day buffet. Go large with this sturdy Go Cook 80% Recycled 32cm Frypan – it comes with a reassuring 20-year guarantee and is suitable for all hobs, including induction. If you need more inspiration for your festive buffets, we’ve got plenty of ideas.

Go Cook oven gloves 1400x919

Create show-stopping festive desserts with the right kitchen tools

A few festive additions to your kitchen utensil set will be put to use way beyond Christmas!

Whether you’re planning your wow-factor Christmas desserts months in advance or prefer to knock something up at the last minute, your Christmas kitchen utensil set will go a long way to adding a little seasonal sparkle to your sweets. No dessert in the house? Jazz up some readymade mince pies with a citrus cream topping. Whip up some cream with this soft-grip Go Cook Stainless Steel Whisk, add icing sugar, lemon curd and grate in a little lemon or orange zest with this Go Cook Fine Grater. Watch how to do this, plus learn more clever hosting tips and tricks here. If you need a quantity of citrus juice for cocktails, cakes or puds, a citrus squeezer will make light work of the job – this one’s great-value and, like the whisk and grater, comes with a 5-year guarantee. If all else fails, get the ice cream out and put a smile on everyone’s face – this Go Cook Ice Cream Scoop will create perfect boules.

Go Cook oven gloves 1400x919

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