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3 colourful dishes from around the world

Get in the mood for summer with these colourful dishes from around the world! With recipes inspired by West Africa, Iran and the Philippines, we have everything you need to make your plate a little brighter.

  1. Jollof-inspired rice

    This dish is inspired by the popular West African recipe. There are many different versions of this meal, but the main characteristic is the spiced tomato stew base with long grain rice cooked into it. This dish is full of flavour, and we use scotch bonnet to give it an extra kick. Serve with some finely diced tomatoes, onion, and parsley for a vibrant dinner.

    Jollof-inspired rice
  2. Persian herb omelette

    This bright and colourful omelette originates from Iran and is locally referred to as ‘kuku sabzi’. Egg is flavoured with cinnamon, cumin, and fresh herbs, then oven-baked for 20 minutes. Once set, sprinkle with cranberries, dill, and toasted walnuts for a beautifully balanced brunch or a simple weeknight dinner. Serve with flatbreads and Greek yogurt

    Persian herb omelette
  3. Cheat’s silvanas

    Silvanas are a traditional cookie deriving from the Philippines. They are made by sandwiching cashew meringue wafers together with thick vanilla buttercream before being coated in cashew crumbs. Add food colouring to your silvanas to brighten up your afternoon treat.

    Cheat’s silvanas