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3 recipes to make ahead and freeze

Find yourself throwing food away before you’ve been able to use it? Batch cooking and freezing meals is a great way to get ahead and extend the life of your ingredients at home. Fill your freezer with these winter warmers.

  1. French onion soup

    This classic soup recipe is a great one to have in the freezer for when you need a warming lunch on standby. It’s also a brilliant way of using up onions – along with only a handful of other staple ingredients, they’re cooked nice and slowly to give a sweet, caramelised flavour, before beef stock is added, which gives this soup its big, rich flavour. Serve with cheesy toasts for a cosy lunch.

    French onion soup
  2. Slow cooker Bolognese

    No time to cook that packet of mince in your fridge? No problem. Let the slow cooker do all the hard work in this Bolognese recipe. The method’s so easy, in just 15 minutes you simply put all the main ingredients in the pot and leave it to slowly bubble away for eight hours, leaving with you the richest, tastiest Bolognese going. All you have to do is cook some pasta to serve and box up the rest to freeze for another day.

    Slow cooker Bolognese
  3. Beef, beetroot and butter bean stew with Stilton dumplings

    This hearty beef stew is packed with root veg, which is in abundance in the winter months, as well as a tin of butter beans, meaning one pack of stewing beef can stretch to 8 servings. Make one batch to enjoy on a cold winter’s night and freeze another batch with this savvy recipe. Also, don’t skip on the Stilton dumplings – they soak up all the lovely flavours!

    Beef, beetroot and butter bean stew with Stilton dumplings