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Best gin cocktails and recipes

Just like strawberries and cream, gin and tonic is a classic British pairing, but there are so many more inventive ways to enjoy this delicious spirit. Create your own gin cocktails, cakes and more at home with these inventive recipes. These gin recipes are also perfect for celebrating World Gin Day in June – a great way to kick off the British summer.

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  1. Spanish spin

    Give the classic ‘G&T’ a summer spin with this Spanish-style gin and tonic that pays homage to the current gin craze in sunny Spain. The ‘gin-tonic’, as it’s known there, focuses on aromatic garnishes, allowing the botanicals in the gin to shine. Here we’ve paired the spirit with the zesty flavours of pink grapefruit and orange, sour green olives and herbal thyme. Serve in balloon glasses so the fragrant aromas really stand out.

    Spanish spin
  2. Have your cake...

    …and eat it too with this gorgeous gin and tonic cake recipe. Layers of juniper and tonic-soaked sponge are sandwiched together with a fluffy lime cream and topped with sweet gin icing for a celebratory cake that’s as lovely to eat as it is to look at.

    Have your cake...
  3. Serve up a showstopper

    For even more cake inspiration, take a look at this stunning Negroni cake. When cut, this impressive bake reveals vertical stripes of gin and orange sponge that will wow unsuspecting guests. While it may look tricky to bake, our step-by-step recipe makes this a fun baking project to try at home. So crack open the gin and Campari and ready, set bake!

    Serve up a showstopper
  4. When life gives you lemons…

    …why not add some American-style glamour to a simple gin drink with this Bee’s knees cocktail recipe. A favourite from the Prohibition era, this classy cocktail has just three ingredients (gin, lemon and honey), blended in this sweet-and-sour combination that’s best sipped in the sun.

    When life gives you lemons…
  5. Super chilled

    Up your serving game with these thirst-quenching watermelon and cucumber ice lollies that act as flavoured cocktail coolers. The lollies are easy to blitz up and can then be stashed in the freezer ready for a hot day when your drinks need chilling. Simply unmould and serve in your gin and tonic – not only are they fun to eat, they’ll add fruity flavour as they melt.

    Super chilled
  6. Blooming lovely

    Sweet, fragrant elderflower is a classic British summertime flavour and makes a refreshing addition to drinks. Matched with muddled berries, tart apple and dry gin, this blackberry, elderflower and gin fizz recipe makes the perfect sharing cocktail for enjoying alfresco. Serve in a jug with plenty of fruit and ice, get your friends over and enjoy.

    Blooming lovely
  7. Play it cool

    A helping of icy sorbet is the ideal way to cool down on a hot day, so this eye-catching and delicious rhubarb and gin sorbet recipe makes a great summer choice. A touch of gin adds fragrant flavour to the tart rhubarb without affecting how it freezes, and you end up with a beautiful bright pink dessert to scoop into cones or serve in small glasses.

    Play it cool
  8. ¡Viva España!

    Sunny Spain again provides the inspiration for this refreshing Agua de Valencia recipe. Meaning ‘Valencia water’ this fruity, spirit-infused wine is a vibrant take on sangria that’s bursting with fresh citrus flavour. It’s the perfect drink to make a big batch of if you’re throwing a party – orange juice, gin, vodka and sparkling wine combine to make a tipple that packs a punch.

    ¡Viva España!