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Bonfire Night food ideas you need to try

Bonfire Night is all about smoky flavours, comfort foods and sticky, sweet treats. From Bonfire bangers to a hearty vegan chilli and oozing marshmallow pies, these autumnal recipes are full of warming flavours and perfect for celebrating indoors or out.

  1. Warming drinks

    While huddled around a Bonfire or watching a fireworks display, you'll need a hot mug of something to keep you cosy. Keep the whole family happy with the ultimate rich and creamy hot chocolate, or create a party atmosphere with a boozy spiced cider

    Warming drinks
  2. Bonfire bangers

    Succulent sausages are great if you're cooking outdoors on Bonfire Night, and are an all-round crowdpleaser. For something a little different, try these sticky chicken sausages which have a sticky-sweet glaze and are served with beer and mustard onions on the side. 

    Bonfire bangers
  3. Party popcorn

    Whether you're playing party games indoors or braving the chill outside, keep everyone going with some tasty homemade popcorn to snack on. Keep it plain and simple if you like, add smoky paprika and chilli for a savoury option, or go the whole hog with this sticky cinder-toffee popcorn recipe.

    Party popcorn
  4. Easy one-pot wonders

    Large-scale feasting doesn't need to be difficult or time-consuming – not when you can throw it all into one pot and be ready to serve come party time. Try this South American chilli with charred corn salsa or, for those who avoid meat and dairy, this vegan chilli recipe provides similar comforting flavours and warming spices.

    Easy one-pot wonders
  5. Sweets treats

    End the night on a high with a suitably impressive sweet treat. These mini doughnuts are just like the ones you'd get at a fair but are even better when made at home and served with a rich, chocolate dipping sauce. For a real pudding extravaganza, create your own fireworks with this Bonfire banoffee pie which is topped with melting marshmallows – sparklers optional!

    Sweets treats