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Christmas classics: make them or buy them?

Christmas food: do you make it or fake it? As the busy Christmas period gets going it’s handy to have a few supermarket shortcuts on standby ready to fake it when you’re short on time, leaving you precious time to make your favourite foods from scratch. We’ve picked three Christmas food must-haves – are you going to make them or fake them?

  1. Mince pies

    It’s not Christmas until you’ve had your first mince pie, surely. We’ve got recipes for all the homemade mince pies you could need – from simple and classic, to buttery Viennese whirl toppings or Black Forest mince pies with rich chocolate pastry. Short on time this year? Pick up a packet of Tesco Finest Mince Pies for an easy shortcut.

    Mince pies
  2. Mulled wine

    Mulled wine is the ultimate festive tipple. Our classic mulled wine recipe infuses red wine with lemons, oranges, ginger and cloves for a warming seasonal treat that makes your kitchen smell incredible. Run out of time before your Christmas party? Fake it and buy a bottle of Tesco Mulled Wine, simmered with cinnamon, clove and citrus fruits and gently heat through.

    Mulled wine
  3. Christmas pudding

    Our classic Christmas pudding is studded with almonds, candied peel and plenty of dried fruit, perfect served with a dollop of brandy butter. If you’re cooking for different dietary requirements, we’ve got vegan and gluten-free twists on the classic too. If you don’t have time to steam your own, buy a Tesco Finest Christmas Pudding filled with Cognac-soaked fruit for an easy end to your Christmas feast.

    Christmas pudding