1. Ultimate refreshment

    Fresh, fruity flavours are excellent thirst-quenchers, and we love the mix of pineapple, lime, basil, ginger and kiwi in these tropical lollies. You could even add a dash of rum to really conjure up the tropics. For something a little easier to prepare but no less delicious, these watermelon and kiwi lollies still have a zing of lime for sweet refreshment.

  2. Season's best

    Ice lollies needn't be just for summer... Summon the flavours of spring with these tart rhubarb ice lollies, which have beautiful pale pink layers between honeyed Greek yogurt. As the autumnal harvest gets underway, make the most of juicy blackberries with these simple milk ice lollies. Using just three ingredients, they're easy to whip up and perfect for enjoying in the Indian summer sunshine.

  3. Sweet and savoury

    Although ice lollies are generally sweet, there's no reason to avoid including savoury ingredients in your lollies, too – in fact, they can be surprisingly tasty additions. Try a little kick of chilli with pineapple or fragrant basil with strawberry. For something a little more unusual, try these sweet-and-salty roasted nectarine ice pops, which use white miso paste for a Japanese-inspired twist.

  4. Breakfast inspiration

    Fresh fruits and yogurt are as good a combination in ice lollies as they are in breakfast smoothies, so why not go one step further and include some energy-packed oats as well? These easy berry ice lollies blitz oats with yogurt, banana and honey for a deliciously thick and creamy lolly, while these gorgeous ombre smoothie pops have a sprinkling of granola for added crunch.

  5. Caffeine cooler

    If you can't get through the afternoon without your coffee fix, swap your iced latte for a caffe latte ice lolly instead. With a hit of espresso and a decadent chocolate drizzle, these are sure to be your new summer pick-me-up.

  6. Cocktails (on sticks)

    Just like coffee, your favourite summer drinks work just as well as a frozen treat on a stick as in a glass. For a classic British treat, our Pimm's ice lolly recipe is sure to please a crowd. Want all the taste without the booze? These piña colada ice lollies have that perfect balance of pineapple and coconut. Instead of ice cubes, we love these cocktail dippers; refreshing watermelon ice lollies you can add to your favourite drink to cool it down and add a refreshingly fruity flavour.

  7. For the kids

    Keep things simple for the kids with pure fruit lollies this summer. These brightly coloured rainbow ice lollies have vibrant layers of strawberry, mango and blueberry, but are actually incredibly easy to make. Follow our step-by-step recipe guide to see how.

  8. Simple and delicious

    Why not let the juiciest summer fruits shine in their own right as a summer treat? Watermelon is perfect for this – simply slice into wedges, insert a lolly stick and freeze for juicy and refreshing watermelon pops with nothing added at all.