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Eight ways to eat healthier 'al desko'

From inspiring new sandwich fillings to wholesome snacks, these tasty and healthy lunch ideas for work will bring a breath of fresh air to your office eating.

  1. Open sandwiches

    The fun of these Scandi-style sarnies lies in the topping, so choose your favourite bread and pile on deliciously healthy ingredients. Try crushed peas with feta and mint, goats’ cheese and sundried tomatoes or a spicy bean mix. Not the easiest sarnies to transport fully prepared so pop the tasty toppings into snackboxes and construct at lunch.

    Open sandwiches
  2. Make the most of forgotten grains

    Use up any whole grains or pulses lurking at the back of your cupboard to bulk up a salad. As well as adding texture to your lunch, you’ll feel fuller for longer and will be less likely to hit that mid afternoon slump.

    Make the most of forgotten grains
  3. Noodle jars

    Get creative with last night’s leftovers and make a DIY noodle jar. Pack some cooked noodles into the bottom of a jar, or airtight container, then build layers with the results of your fridge forage – chopped cooked meats or any kind of pulses or veg are perfect. If you fancy taking it to the next level, add some stock or broth at the office for a speedy ramen.

    Noodle jars
  4. Make your own veggie crisps

    Bake a batch of vegetable crisps to snack on throughout the day. They’re easy to make yourself – kale, parsnip, carrot, beetroot or courgettes are great options – and are a delicious alternative to traditional potato crisps, so get creative with your combinations.

  5. Smoothie operator

    For an ideal way to pack in some of your five-a-day, blend a fruity smoothie in the morning to enjoy at your desk. Or make more of a meal of it by bumping up with some sliced banana and chopped nuts for a thick smoothie bowl. Just pour into a stainless steel flask to keep it chilled until you get to work.

    Smoothie operator
  6. Get spread smart

    Munching on a plain cracker can be a little dull, but often ready-made spreads can be full of added fats and sugars. Whip up your own tasty spread or topping at home and you'll be sure you know what goes into it, such as with this cool and creamy tzatziki.

    Get spread smart
  7. Get to grips with dips

    Make a delicious dip – try houmous, guacamole or roasted aubergine – and take it to work to liven up your lunch or snacks. Dollop some some into your wrap or onto your salad, or enjoy as a dip for veggie batons.

  8. Give your baguette a makeover

    Baguettes needn't be boring. Try this succulent barbecue chicken baguette, stuffed with sticky barbecue chicken, cool cucumber ribbons and a peppery mooli and carrot slaw. Simple yet delicious.

    Give your baguette a makeover