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Top tips to switch up your sponge

Tired of the same old Victoria sandwich? Try one of these variations to add some excitement back into your baking.

  1. Use fresh herbs

    A few chopped rosemary or thyme leaves pair well with lemon or orange zest. Add them into your batter or buttercream for maximum flavour. You can even use them as an eye-catching garnish like we have here in our rustic naked Victoria sponge layer cake.

    Use fresh herbs
  2. Flavour your buttercream

    Try elderfower cordial, citrus juice or even liqueur for a boozy finish. This tangy and delicious passion fruit and lime Victoria sponge is a great example of how a little fruit can go a long way.

    Flavour your buttercream
  3. Add ground spices

    Allspice, ginger or cinnamon work well when added to a classic Victoria sponge cake recipe. Add about 2 tsp to the batter.

    Add ground spices
  4. Try a different jam

    if you're looking to mix things up in a super simple way, try blackcurrant or cherry jam instead of strawberry. Or swap for lemon curd or marmalade. The pantry is your oyster!

    Try a different jam
  5. Make it into cupcakes!

    Victoria sponge batter makes great cupcakes. Divide it between paper cases in a muffin tray and bake for 20-25 mins until golden and cooked through. Why not try out this simple recipe for vanilla cupcakes out for size while you're at it?

    Make it into cupcakes!